Disparate Youth by Santigold. Loving her new album! 

My Birthday Wishlist

I just got word from my mom that she is coming into the city for my 21st birthday! Yay! Everything is falling into place right now, I am so happy, joyous, and free! My parents have done so much for me over the years and always get me really extravagant gifts so I’m going a little low key this year with my wish list (apart from the new iPad Mini, it’s just too cute!)

1. Sex and the City 2 $15.00

2. Lady GaGa “Fame” perfume $79

3. Voluspa candle in “Suede Blanc” $30

4. Archie Grand notebooks “Shopaholics I met and liked”, “Secret agents I met and liked” $14.00 Amazon

5. Nike Free running shoes $100

6. Voluspa candle “Cyphre and Fig” $17

7. “Is everybody hanging out with out me?” $11.00 Barnes and Noble

8. “Invisible Monsters” $11.00 Barnes and Noble

9. iPad Mini in white, 16mb, $430.00



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Growing Pains

I haven’t written on here in a while. I feel like lately I’ve been in no man’s land, wanting to hold onto my old life but knowing that God wants me to grow up and adapt to my new life. It’s hard getting sober at 20 and seeing all of your friends out there partying, being stupid and care free, going to parties, clubs, and bars, and knowing that I can’t do those things. Well, I guess I could, but I’ve just come to realize that I don’t like crazy college drinking parties anymore. I went to Brooklyn last night and it just left me feeling so weird and out of place all day long. I just have to accept that “that” life is just no longer there for me, I’m growing past at, and I have to let go if I want to be the person that God created me to be. It just sucks some times, but I know that this too shall pass and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. xo


I know someone just like this. Please, at some point you have to start thinking maybe it’s just you.