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Summer, where art thou?

The soltice this past weekend has marked the official start of Summer. Everyone is out and about, walking around with icecream cones, tanning in the park, and escaping away to the Hamptons to beat the heat. My two best friends are off in Italy having the time of their life, and my friends back home are killing me with Instagram photos of them at the beach and our favorite Mexican food joints. And what am I doing? I’ve been spending 8 hors a week learning about controviersies in enviromental sceince and working like a dog at my internship with Akris. When I’m not in class or running around the city dropping off $10,000 gowns to Elle and Vogue, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch. The only thing that has kept me going this past month has been the anticipation of going home to San Diego, the epitome of summer, for the start of MY official summer vacation. I depart JFK in exactly one week, and I can hardly wait. What do I have planned for this summer?

1. The Viceroy in Palm Springs: This is my favorite hotel ever! I love the decor in the villa that we always get, and the pool side service is amazing. Can’t wait for some ceviche and fish tacos while playing cards by the pool. Love coming to Palm Springs with my family, its paradise in the dessert, only a 2 hour drive from home. 



2. The Del Mar Fair: Can’t wait to get my hands on some fried oreos, funnel cake, and curly fries! Of course, go on the ferris wheel. It ends on July 4th, so I’m going to have to go the day that I get home!


3. Getting back into shape!: I had a bit of a hectic semester, a lot of time in the office or class, and very little time get execericie. I am going to be comited to losing the weight that I’ve gained and get back on a clean eating regimen. Can’t wait for daily hikes with my mom at Torrey Pines, tearing up the tennis court with my dad, and hitting the club to workout with my sister!

4. Going to the beach, like, everyday: I am so spoiled living in San Diego, the finest city in America. I live so close to the beach yet I never find myself there. This summer I am going to take advantage of living on the beach, and acutally go! Here’s a shot I took while in Miami this past Spring Break. 

Grimes - Genesis this mah girl

Blizzards in Soho

Rihanna [feat. Mikky Ekko] - Stay

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"You can accept or reject the way you are treated by other people, but until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex, but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them."

� Lyanla Vanzant

Kisses, from Yours Truly

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